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I'm very proud to be a stockist for two fantastic herbal and natural pet products as below:


​​They are a company inspired by all things natural, offering a holistic and healthy approach to caring for your pets.

They specialise in creating homeopathic, herbal and natural products from the highest quality, natural ingredients, to compliment a healthier lifestyle for your pet.  A wide range of products covers everything from natural alternatives to harsh flea and parasite preventatives, to dietary supplements and bathing products that are sure to leave your four legged friend feeling pampered and smelling delicious!

There are so many products of theirs to choose from, that I like to alternate what I keep in my stock.  Shampoos and No Rinse Face Foam will also be in stock, but please enquire as to what natural healing aids I have at this time.   If I'm not holding the product that you are after, I can always get this in stock for you.


A natural pet stress and pet calming product for your pets anxiety or stress.

Based on the herb, Valerian, these calming products work with the pets own natural calming mechanisms by tricking the red-up nerve cells into thinking they are getting a message from the brain to calm.  This is why is starts to work instantly.

I stock everything from Plug In Diffusers which are great to have around your home, to Calming Bandanas which are great if your pet gets anxious when out and about.

Please enquire on pricing and what Pet Remedy products I hold in stock.