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Treatments and Prices ...

(subject to initial consultation on first visit, and condition of coat)


Full Dog Grooms

All full dog grooms will receive the following pampering treatment:

"coat specific shampoo treatment, conditioning, drying, coat styled to your preference, nails cut, ears cleaned,  herbal facial foam wash, paw butter applied to pads, silk serum applied to the coat to enhance condition and shine, and a choice of beautiful fragrance spritz to the coat to finish"

Small Breeds - £25.00

Medium Breeds - £35.00

Larger Breeds - from £50.00 (please enquire per your breed of dog)

For breeds that require their coats to be hand-stripped, an additional £10.00 charge will be applied accordingly.

Shampoo and Condition Treatments Only

Your four legged friends do enjoy, and benefit from, a nice wash and shampoo/condition massage in-between grooms (they also get a nice ear clean, herbal facial foam wash, paw butter applied to their pads, silk serum applied to the coat to enhance condition and shine, and a fragrance spritz!).  Please see prices below:

Small Breeds - £15.00

Medium Breeds - £25.00

Larger Breeds - £40.00

Pawdicure Treatment

Nail clipping/filing, hair tidied between pads, and paw butter massaged to the pads


"Shampuppy" Introduction Package (up to 6 months old)

​This is my favourite! Who can resist a beautiful little puppy coming to visit!

This offer includes two x 1 hr individual pamper sessions which introduces your puppy to the sights and sounds of the grooming room.  Complimentary cuddles are included in this package!

Puppies must be 2 weeks clear of their final inoculation before visiting the salon for this treatment.

£30.00 for the two sessions

Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning

Does your dog have plaque build up or breath that could be smelling a lot sweeter?  

This is a fabulous treatment that removes plaque, reduces gum disease and freshens breath by using an ultrasound tooth brush.   A course of treatment will be recommended and tailored individually to each dog.  

The toothbrush works with the specific toothpaste using waves of ultrasound.  This treatment is completely harmless to your dog.   The brush is silent, no vibration and no brushing is required.

An initial trial session will be required, as this will only work if the dog is comfortable with having a toothbrush held in the mouth.  

Trial Session:  £30

Teeth Cleaning Session: £20

Enquire for further information as to how this can benefit your dog.